…and you are?


Thank you for stumbling across my blog. Whilst this is a blog mainly designed to help myself, I would be equally elated if my thoughts and feelings written within this blog may resonate with some other readers, and if my experiences may be helpful to others.

So, to introduce myself, I am not anyone particularly special. I’m a 21 year old student with a tonne of goals, aspirations and plans. I feel I have an intrinsic desire to help others, whether through voluntary/paid work, or simply as a friend, and it is this that forms the basis of my desired career path as a speech and language therapist. I love music, reading, theatre, socialising, cycling, and laughing. I have a lovely family and an amazing set of friends, to whom I will be eternally indebted to, because without them I would definitely not smile as often as I do today.

Oh, and I also suffer from depression and anxiety however, as i am learning, this is not my defining characteristic.

My only request to any reader is, please, if you feel like this blog may have content which would upset you or trigger unwanted emotions, don’t read it. I understand there may be a temptation to, but please don’t. Your emotional well-being is important and I would hate for you to leave this blog feeling bad. However, if you think this blog is helpful, or you enjoy the content of my blogs, please leave a positive comment as it will encourage me to continue writing.

My take-home-message from both this section and all of my blog posts is simply – things can and will get better.



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